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Hatchet Roasters

We’re a small Colorado Springs roaster that ships organic, fair-trade coffee right to your door.

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Who we are

Hello, we’re Brian and Sharon of Hatchet Roasters, husband and wife and unrepentant coffee fiends. We started off with a coffee roasting class as a date. Coffee has always been a part of our relationship. It started in San Francisco. Not those upscale joints without power outlets to discourage you from squatting, but the tucked away corner shops with the taped up cushions, the shelves of dog eared books and racks of board games. There we drank Americanos and Lattes and fell in love with coffee. We vowed to make something of our passion.

We’re making dangerously good coffee. Ethically and sustainably sourced, roasted with passion in our garage. We roast each batch to order and ship it directly to your door.